Fighting Feelings with Gulzar Charania

We’re in conversation with Dr. Gulzar Charania about her incredible new book “Fighting Feelings: Lessons in Gendered Racism and Queer Life.” Fighting Feelings is about Black and racialized women, answering the question: “how and in what directions do we learn to think, act, and live in relation to racism”? 

The book touches on so many things that we talk regularly about on Academic Aunties. How women of colour navigate intensely white spaces, how perceptions of our ‘excellence’ can only really be understood in relation to who doesn’t get to be excellent, and how, as Gulzar writes, we constantly ‘fight feelings, and other times use feelings to fight’.

It’s a book that I really think all of you will love and I am so happy that we had a chance to talk to Gulzar about her journey in writing it.

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