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Academic Aunties is a labour of love, created out of a desire to support those finding their way through academia and pay forward all of the support we have received ourselves over the years. We are really just grateful to all of you for listening every month and we’d love nothing more than for others to find out about the podcast.

A lot goes into creating every episode of Academic Aunties, so any support that our listeners are able to consider is so appreciated. Whether it is leaving us an encouraging note, spreading the word to help grow the audience, or even more, your support will help us to keep making more episodes.

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All we really want is for you to enjoy the show! But, if you want to and are able, please consider a small monthly contribution by becoming a Patreon supporter. We’re just a small team, but our goal is always to give you the most interesting, insightful and professionally sounding show possible. Any amount you contribute goes right into offsetting our ongoing costs related to web hosting, music licensing, transcribing, equipment upgrades and other production needs.

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