Take care. Be kind to yourself. And don’t be an a**hole.

For those academics who are first-generation, who are racialized, who are women, and who inhabit social locations that are traditionally unrepresented in this exclusionary space, academia is full of landmines. This is why we need academic aunties. Every month, we hear stories and advice from those who have survived and even thrived while navigating this treacherous world. And while we’re at it, we try and plant the seeds for structural transformation.

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Latest Episodes

How we appear, our dress, our hair, our style, how we carry ourselves are all things that we as marginalized academics are being judged against. Do we look the part of the academic? Do we want to? To talk about this we welcome Dr. Nadia Brown, a Professor of Government and the Director of the ... Read more
Good things happen but you just can’t enjoy it, and maybe you feel even more anxious. This is a common feeling and is something that this week’s guest, Dr. Ayendy Bonifacio (@AyendyBonifacio) wrote about in a insightful, personal article in Slate. We talk about toxic productivity, celebration as a practice, and how the unique experience ... Read more
Many academics have pets. For me, most of my academic life from my postdoc until very recently involved my beloved cat, a long haired Maine Coon named Cornelius, who was my sidekick, my best friend, my confidante. We said goodbye to him on October 4, 2022. So for this episode, I want to honour Cornelius ... Read more
We’re on the road at the American Political Science Association conference! Producer extraordinaire, Dr. Nisha Nath joins the podcast to discuss Dr. Ethel Tungohan’s audio diaries taken at this incredibly large academic conference. Along the way, they challenge norms, discuss the value of curating your conference and finding community, and provide some interesting tips and ... Read more
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