The Yale Aunties

After hearing about Bobbi Wilson, a budding 9 year old scientist who was a victim of anti-Black racism, Dr. Ijeoma Opara, a scientist at the Yale School of Public Health, was determined to make sure that her memories of science would not be of her horrible experience. So she mobilized her network of “Yale Aunties” to make sure that Bobbi knew that Black and Brown girls had a place in the world of scientists. You may have heard about this in a recent profile in the New York Times.

On this episode, we are so pleased to have some of the Yale Aunties, Dr. Opara, Dr. Ashley Bell, Dr. Kristyn Carter, Dr. Ashley Bell and Dr. Aileen Fernandez, here to talk about the amazing day that they organized for Bobbi. And we get into the importance of mentorship, of dedicated spaces for Black and Brown scholars, and advice for other scientists who are constantly made to feel like they don’t belong.

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